Importance of fire resistance and flammability testing

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Fire Protection System is a mandatory feature to be installed at every building. Fire alarm system installation requires prerequisite testing that evaluates the way to control ignition, burning, or combustion characteristics of certain metals. There are many standards required for the flammability testing of the interior and exterior of the building parts. These are the instruments in establishing the insurance requirements, building codes, and other fire regulations. There are some important criteria required for the storage, handling, and transportation of highly flammable substances.

Fire and Flammability Testing

There are some standard and customized fire and flame testing programs for meeting your material requirements. The formulation of rubber or polymer material is important to notice for its flame resistance to become critical for ensuring safety. Fire Alarm System Installation done with proper testing is important to notice the critical approach that needs to be followed for appropriately fighting the fire. The polymer formulations are made with flame retardants that improve their safety characteristics.

The different stages need identification for understanding the potential for flammability or smoke generation:

Condensed Phase: In this phase, the polymer is solid and can experience melting and different flow characteristics.

Mesophase: It is a phase between condensed and gas phases. It includes charring and pyrolysis.

Gas-Phase: The heat and exposure time increases that release the gases from polymers causing smoke and combustion.

There are different fire fighting contractors in Dubai maintaining the solutions for flammability and smoke testing processes for the different materials such as rubber, polymer blends, fabrics, seals, and different electrical wires.

Fire Alarm Maintenance in Dubai

Most Common Standards

There is a broad range of fire resistance tests that are mainly aimed at simulating the fire threats on structures. The main tests are associated with pool fire testing, burner tests, and furnace tests. The fire resistance is measured by the time taken for the cool face of the panels for reaching the high temperature.

The common standards followed by fire protection service providers are:

ISO 3795: Determining the Burning Behaviors of Interior Materials (Road vehicles, machinery, and tractors.
ASTM D635: Standard Test Method for Burning Rate/Time and Extent of Burning plastics in a horizontal position.
FMVSS 302: Motor vehicles compartments with flammable materials
UL 94: Standards for Tests for flammability of plastic materials for devices and appliances parts.

Fire Alarm Maintenance in Dubai is installed only after testing the characteristics of the different types of composite material studied for offshore uses. It is important to note that the combustibility of the components was studied to understand the significant fire-resisting properties. There are some of the companies dealing with fire fighting annual maintenance in Dubai for undertaking the testing processes for fire systems on regular basis for their proper working in the case of a mishap.


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