Fire Fighting Contractors in Dubai

Fire fighting systems involve a series of devices used in enclosed spaces to avoid, extinguish, localize or block fires. In buildings and rooms where the fire threat is comparatively high, automatic fire-fighting systems are mounted. A distinction is made between systems operated automatically and running according to a preset program and those operated by an operator; the former, the latter fire protection units, are called automatic fire protection systems. A sensor capable of detecting combustion, warning signaling devices, fire fighting systems, starting and stopping devices.

Fire fighting pumps protect life and property by providing installation specifications for fire pumps to ensure that systems are functional to provide a sufficient reliable supply of water in the event of fire emergencies.

High-pressure water-mist fire fighting has become a reliable option when selecting a firefighting system, to maximize performance and minimize water damage and flood risk.

High-pressure water mist systems enhance the abolition of fire and provide greater protection for the workers and the environment by the minimization of possible water damage since much less water is used.

Water is forced to produce a water mist, essentially battling fire, using high-pressure fire systems at very high pressure by micro nozzles.

The extinguishing by high pressure provides optimum protection as the water expands by evaporation by cooling by heat absorption and by inverting the fire.

The selection of fire fighting pumps depends on the facilities of the building and the space available. Electric motors and diesel engines are the most popular options for fire fighting pump operators. Electric motors requiring high horsepower are typically powered on three-phase power of 460 volts or higher. Steam turbines are an option as well, but are very uncommon.

The BAAS is a fire fighting contractor in Dubai whose fire fighter pumps are suitable for water-nebulous high pressures systems of up to 187 l/min (49.4 gpm). They can treat tap water up to 160 barg (2.321 psig) at pressures. The pumps can be used with BAAS product portfolio high-pressure components, valves, pumps, etc to form a complete solution with a high reliability and long durability. At the present time BAAS is one of the best Fire Fighting Contractors in Dubai.

In multi-storey buildings 15 meters or higher and even in other types of buildings of lesser height but with special risks/basements, etc., fixed fire fighting installations are provided. Similarly, all factories/manufacturing sectors are also going to install a fixed fire fighting device for property and life protection. The device may be in the shape of, or all of a wet riser, external hydrant, or sprinkler/emulsifier form, etc. In such a system, the most significant part is the fire fighting pump. The back bone of such a device will be created by a carefully selected fire pump of sufficient capacity and properly mounted. It is absolutely necessary, even after installation, that the fire pumps are properly maintained and periodically checked so that they are in serviceable condition and come into operation immediately during emergencies.

The fire fighting pump must be properly and consistently maintained. It is also absolutely important that anyone in charge should be given the duty of ensuring that the fire pumps are properly maintained.

Fire Fighting Annual Maintenance in Dubai

If you are facing issues with existing equipment for firefighters, then you don’t have to think about it now. By providing you Fire Fighting Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) in Dubai, we could be of support. With the assurance of fast response and transparency, you may use our services 24/7 for an AMC. We take over the current system as part of the AMC and closely control all important elements, including fire fighting, fire alarm, emergency lighting, voice evacuation, and gas suppression system. We also assist our customers with the required paperwork, clearances and periodic certifications as part of the AMC that are needed to install and maintain their fire fighting systems.

The fire fighting contractor BAAS is composed of a group of qualified professionals who ensure that all of the life-saving items function optimally. Via daily tests, they do this and update all your devices. You are given a quarterly report so that you know your system’s status. All in all, BAAS makes sure that when you need it the most, your equipment is ready to perform.

We are the suitable choice for their maintenance. This is why the law requires that only approved workers must represent and maintain everything.

Fire Pumps and its Types, Its accessories

Fire pumps are used in sprinkler and standpipe systems to raise the water pressure and to provide the necessary amount of water. This is important when the device is supplied by a non-pressurized water tank or when there is insufficient pressure in the water source that feeds the system. An electric motor, diesel engine, or steam turbine can be powered by a fire pump.

BAAS fire pump systems have been at the forefront of developing, designing and customizing a broad range of fire pump systems over the years that satisfy the need for fire safety. BAAS fire pumps are designed and constructed according to NFPA20 requirements and Factory Mutual (FM) and/or Underwriters Laboratory (UL) understand the capacities.

Electric motors, diesel engines and starter panels for both electric and engine drives are supplied with BAAS fire pumps along with all the required accessories as per the NFPA 20 specifications, which are either UL and FM specified or authorized.

The Dubai Civil Defense Authority has approved BAAS fire pumps.

Product Types

Fire Hydrants: Fire Hydrants are machines used to collect water from pipes and networks of water distribution. A hydrant can ensure a quick water supply in the event of a burn. With so-called hydrant wrenches and hydrant standpipes, the ties to the pipes are tapped and further linked to the fire trucks.

Zone control valve: Zone control valve consists of a combined unit consisting of 4 parts: signal butterfly valve, waterflow indicator, pressure gauge and test & drain valve.

They are mounted on a fire pipeline for indicating and controlling the fire area into a small distribution area. The indicator senses the flowing water and transmits signal to the control device because of the sprinkler or valve activation. The butterfly valve will be signaled and the water flow to restore the device shut down after fire suppression.

Landing valve: Landing valve for fire fighting purposes is designed for installation on wet rises in houses. It is an important water source for battling fires at any level of your house. The mount on the hydrants is connected by a branch and a tube to a link thereon. The water flow in the fire hydrant system can simply be activated by turning the handle of the wet riser in the clockwise direction.

Fire Pump Accessories
  • Air release and casing relief valves, suction and discharge gauges, main relief valves , flow meter, reducer and increaser, waste cone.
  • Fuel tank and accessories, mufflers,flexible exhaust connector, batteries and cables for the diesel engines. 
Fire Pump Market Segment by Applications can be divided into:
  • Industry Application
  • Commercial Application
  • Field Emergency
  • Offices and Business Centres
  • Airports and Transport Hubs
  • Manufacturing and Power Plants
  • Schools
  • Pharmacies