FM 200 Fire Suppression Systems

FM200 Fire Suppression System

FM-200TM (CF3 CHF CF3-hepta fluor span) fire suppression system is made up of the elements carbon, fluorine and hydrogen. The FM-200TM’s main extinction mechanism is heat absorption and the thermal decomposition of the FM-200TM in the flames makes a secondary chemical contribution.

The FM-200TM fire suppression system (HFC-227ea) can be used for safe activity while the citizens are present. .

The machine fights Class A, B and C fires with an electrically operated clean agent.

The electronic devices or sensitive circuits are not short-distance and will not shock thermally. No residue is left by the colorless, odorless gas, which prevents post fire removal and minimizes down times.

For releasing the agent into the danger zone through a fixed conduit and nozzle, both the automated and manual actuators are accessible. Every nozzle is designed to provide proper hazard agent flow and is available for 180 or 360 degrees of horizontal discharge patterns in seven sizes with seven or eight valves respectively. Listed and licensed selector valves provide us with cost-effective solutions for large projects.

Containers of agents can be linked to a standard manifold for broad dangers.

It is safe for occupied spaces when used in normal architecture concentrations. No residue is left by FM-200TM. When exposed to FM-200TM fire suppression system(HFC-227ea), most common metals, including aluminum, brass, steel, cast iron, plumbing, stainless steel and copper, are not affected.

When used with the AUTOPULSE Detection System, the FM-200 system is most effective in rapidly implementing the clean agent. Based on inputs obtained from fire detection systems, this detection system is used to operate a single fixed fire suppression or alarm system. Using cross, counting, separate or priority-zone ideas, the detection circuits can be programmed.

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