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Design constitutes the backbone of a fire safety system with high performance. The reliability and efficiency brand of BAAS draws on its experience in the production of technological solutions that meet your fire safety requirements. The design team is highly qualified experts, certified by one of the industry’s pioneers. They design products and fire safety services in Dubai to satisfy all of the customer’s requirements and requests, in accordance with national and international codes and standards, with maximum costs and efficiency increases.

In accordance with our quality management system which works to ISO 9001:2015, all of our activities are carried out. We offer high-quality, technologically outstanding and highly effective fire safety service in Dubai for a number of market segments with competent design and engineering. Our comprehensive research on the latest technologies helps us to incorporate emerging advances while designing tailored solutions for the needs of our clients.

BAAS recognizes the significance and essential importance of an efficient fire safety system in Dubai to safeguard life and property. In order to evaluate the source and possible damage that a fire can cause, we begin by carrying out a comprehensive fire risk assessment from our clients. In doing so we will suggest for your facility the best possible systems.

Our aim is to have technologically superior and technically advanced systems that would not interfere with the everyday work of a company and thus promote the growth of the business. We also recognize that business continuity is just as important as the concept itself. We are at the top of the table among the Civil Defense Approved Contractors through comprehensive research into reliable modern solutions to various fire dangers.

We are a complete fire safety service provider in Dubai that offers complete supply, installation and maintenance of fire safety equipment for the marine and industrial industries.

The BAAS Quality Management System Manual lays out the organization and implementation of enterprise management systems.
This distinction is primarily due to commitment to our core beliefs and values and our trust in a company’s objectives that strongly advocates quality of service. This vision encompasses the pursuit of excellence, a valued reputation and experience and knowledge that are second to none. And that’s exactly what makes us next to none.

At Bwabat Al Amaan Safety & Security Equipment Installation LLC, we are dedicated to serving the planet by saving human lives and property and emerging as a major market leader in UAE by improving customer satisfaction by upholding the core values:

  • Trust in staff and clients.
  • Supplying high quality products for life and property savings.
  • Imparting awareness about life and property saving products and expertise to clients.
  • Empowering productivity and creativity within the company.
  • Establish a dedicated business associates’ organisation.
  • Delighting clients with an emphasis on their stable business continuity.

Via a comprehensive feedback system, we also aim to continuously improve our Quality Management Systems and consistently inspire our workers through team building and improving their skill levels.

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