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ADAMAS Corp. is a global diversified company with a network of production and commercial branches worldwide. Our company specializes in manufacturing a wide range of industrial products, building materials, machinery and equipment for agriculture. The range of goods and materials that produced at its own factories, hundreds of positions.

We guarantee fast execution of the task. Always invest in a specified time and receive desired results in expected terms.


You will appreciate the accuracy of specified conditions. We will do everything thoroughly.


The quality of work is always at the highest level. We are ready to perform a large amount of work in quality.


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Experience and professionalism
Water fire extinguishers are suitable for class A fires caused by the combustion of solid materials, mainly of organic origin, such as: wood, paper, straw, textiles and coal.
Foam fire extinguishers are ideal where both A & B class fire risks exist. AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) is particularly suited to class B fires caused by the combustion...
Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers are suitable for class B risks involving flammable liquids and especially for electrical hazards. CO2 is harmless to electrical equipment and is ideal for modern offices,...

The high level of after-sales service

Dry Powder fire extinguishers are recommended for mixed fire environments because they cover type A, type B and type C fires. They are especially suited for flammable liquids and fires...
Our company has developed wide network of retail stores in America and Europe with great choice of fashionable clothes.
ADAMAS Finance is a division of our corporation. We offer a full range of financial service.

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Our company provides you with any advice 7/24. Specialists are always in touch.

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We will work our best legal experts with you. Making the necessary documents will take a minimum of time.

Relevant standards

We guarantee that all our work will be conducted in accordance with international standards.

Certification works

Any materials that we use during the execution of the services meet the highest levels of world certification.

Right on time

We carry out work in accordance with the planned schedule. This document is an integral part of the contract. All stages will be carried out on time.

High quality

Top quality – the card of our company. We always monitor the level of work and ensure their quality.

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