Fire Sprinkler System

Sprinkler System

Sprinklers are simple devices that are individually operated by the heat from a fire. When a fire starts hot gases rise to the ceiling. If a sprinkler is present, a glass bulb or solder link gets hot and at a specific temperature (typically 68°C) breaks, releasing a cap and allowing water to flow onto a diffuser.

The diffuser breaks up the water flow into carefully controlled droplets which penetrate the fire plume and cool the burning material to below its ignition point, thus controlling the fire. Only the sprinkler(s) directly over the fire are operated.

The sprinklers are connected to pipework, usually filled with water, which is supplied either from the water mains or from a storage tank via a pump. When a sprinkler operates, the flow of water in the pipework operates a flow switch which in turn operates an alarm system. The flow of water is small, usually less than 1/100th of the water used by the Fire and Rescue Service.

BAAS offers a complete solution, from initial design, installation to maintenance of fire sprinkler systems. Operating on a national basis, we can help ensure the continued safety of your premises.

From the moment our designers receive your drawings or plans we can discuss your individual requirements. Quite often we find it is the local building inspector that insists on the installation of a domestic sprinkler and our team are quite used to working alongside the building inspector. Furthermore, we have a good working knowledge of what is required to get a customer’s installation through to a compliance stage.

Our team and installers (we do not use sub-contractors) work to the highest standards ensuring that our customers are satisfied not only during installation but through to completion.

Our engineers keep everything to the minimum of fuss and mess, quite often very important factors in a domestic situation which is appreciated by our customers.