Why choose BAAS?

Why choose BAAS?



  • First-class, decent and affordable products
  • Personnel who are knowledgeable and well-trained
  • Dynamic service to customers
  • Relevant Legal Standard products and services


  • Dubai Civil Defence Approved
  • Well qualified and certified personnel


  • In accordance with the NFPA standard, easy to understand and justified guidelines
  • Delivering our products and services with credibility
  • On-Call 24/7 support
  • Instant Response


  • Ongoing development and expansion
  • New product and service development
  • Constant training and personnel evaluation
  • Updates on new technology on a regular basis
  • Contact our knowledgeable and qualified experts
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Among the top Dubai Civil Defense Approved Contractors the BAAS is also known for its providing Fire Safety System service in Dubai providing reliable maintenance, repair and installation service.The primary concern is security, and our state-of-the-art fire protection systems are designed to help clients defend their valuables and assets against fire with user-friendly features. We are a customer-focused organization working on innovative security principles to provide improved device integration for customers.

In order to deliver optimum products and fire safety services in Dubai, we have a pool of meticulous technical and non-technical members of organisation working in close coordination with the client. Our teams have rich experience in the industry, which facilitates them to deliver a huge variety of fire protection and safety equipment. We are committed to quality and excellence. In addition to the product development team, the proactive marketing and sales professionals closely monitor and provide relevant information on sector requirements.

We offer numerous services that will definitely enable you to maintain a secure atmosphere in your area while adhering to the latest Dubai Civil Defense Regulations, as BAAS adheres to its mission to protect lives and save property. We aim for the happiness and excellence of our customers. BAAS invests in new technologies that can match global standards.